Sorry I'm late update! Had the page ready to go, lost track of time playing Overwatch...Anyway! Sorry about the wait. Full disclosure, I had a week of feeling ill and then stress from a letter about my permission to remain in England. Long story short, I had to provide loads of documents that just aren't available very often anymore. Somehow me and Jesse managed to procure enough evidence to satisfy them and I now got my residence permit! Don't have to worry about it for the next couple years or so. :D So that's great news for us, and great news for Seasick. Since I updated on Monday this week, I will try and plan it out so that I can start updating consistently on Fridays again. Don't expect an update this Friday but the next, and the next. Those who follow me on Twitter may know I was considering changing update days, but I changed my mind on that. I was just supremely stressed with all the visa stuff. Now I feel as though I can move on with my life. :) At least we now know where they're going, the Coral Ruins!!