Seasick is the story of how two people met and became friends, while going on crazy and silly adventures under the sea. It’s also about the amazing variety of life that exists beneath the waves, and how important the conservation of the ocean is to our everyday lives. Seasick is a comic for all ages (except babies???), and we hope it will inspire readers to rethink their pre-existing notions of just how awesome the ocean really is!


The Authors

Seasick was originally created and is drawn by Frances Arroyo. She was born in Puerto Rico and loves the ocean. She has always read comics online, and Seasick is her way of combining her two biggest passions into one big project.

Seasick is co-written and scripted by Jesse-James Cambridge. He was born in England, and currently works as an in-house Graphic Designer. Jesse always wanted to be a writer, and helped Frances turn her dream of making a comic into a reality. They’re dating!?!