Hi all! Happy belated Christmas or whatever you celebrate 😉

It’s been a while! Wanted to make this post sooner but a lot happened, but I’m happy to feel confident enough to make it now!

Summary for those short on time: I’ll be back early next year!

Basically Jesse got sick for like a month and a half, and we tend to work together on the new pages; so, I started doing something which we have wanted to do for a while. Basically, there’s a local con in my city that we like and we’ve been interested in joining for a while. However, I wanted to join showing Seasick-related things, but let’s face it!! Not many people know what it is!

Sooo I’ve been redrawing the first 16 pages and making some updates to maybe get the first chapter printed next year! I’m only planning a tiny run, like 15 books because this is my hobby. However I wanted to update it quite a bit, change the text to make the earlier pages more readable, make it look a bit more consistent, and add some extra content. I’m not going to change the pages online or anything because one of my favourite things about webcomics is seeing art progression. (I may make a PDF or something available in the far off future as a Patreon reward but that would be when I get back on a consistent schedule…hahahah…)

I know that a lot of people won’t see it and thus it won’t really matter to them, however I’ve been working on some other things as well in my absence. Also, I’m the type of person that does well sticking with a schedule and my biggest priority is normalising mine so I can have certain times that I know will always be available for Seasick, which is not really something I’ve had for a long time! And this is coming soon, so I’m excited to be able to have a consistent update schedule again (hopefully for a long time this time!)

Anyway, sorry for the lateness! I was a bit “Hmm, I want to update everyone on the situation but also would like to wait until I have everything finished and can update again”, but there were a few spanners in the works that delayed me so I thought I’d give a general update. I didn’t want to keep putting it off until it was 2019 and you still hadn’t heard from me!

So long story short, Seasick’s still alive! We both love Seasick so much, it’s not going anywhere. Sorry if anyone thought otherwise!